Norwegian member institutions

Here you can find an overview of the Norwegian member institutions and contact details to the Nordlys coordinators.

If another coordinator is in charge of in- and/or outgoing Nordlys students, the contact details are listed below the Nordlys coordinator.

Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU)

Nordlys coordinator: Nina Moxnes

Contact for incoming students: Kari Enge

University of Agder

Nordlys coordinator: Tonje Nielsen Rørly

Contact for incoming students: Krisztina Czinki

University of Bergen

Nordlys coordinator: Helge Bjørlo

Contact for incoming students: Ida Fauskanger

University of Oslo

Nordlys coordinator: Helene Johansen

Contact point for in- and outgoing students:

University of South-Eastern Norway

Nordlys coordinator: Siri Bjørnstad

University of Stavanger

Nordlys coordinator: Celine Nygaard

Contact for in- and outgoing students:

University of Tromsø - The Arctic University of Norway

Nordlys coordinator: Reidun Sundstrøm

Contact for outgoing students: Astrid Brokke