Danish member institutions

Here you can find an overview of the Danish member institutions and contact details to the Nordlys coordinators.

If another coordinator is in charge of in- and/or outgoing Nordlys students, the contact details are listed below the Nordlys coordinator.

Aalborg University

Nordlys coordinator: Gitte Nørgaard Jensen

Contact for outgoing students: Trine Østergaard Vaagholt

Incoming students: Mette Sæderup Thorvaldsen

Aarhus University

Nordlys coordinator: Nanna Gaarde Jensen

Contact for incoming students:

  • Email: Ic@au.dk

  • Phone: +45 87 15 02 20

Copenhagen University

Nordlys coordinator: Søren Jensen

Contact for in- and outgoing students:

Roskilde University

Nordlys coordinator: Anne Dreyer Keinke

  • Email: annek@ruc.dk

  • Phone: +45 46 74 20 58

University of Southern Denmark

Nordplus coordinator: Anne Mette Ditlev

Contact for in- and outgoing students: