For students

Through the Nordlys network, you have a unique opportunity for studying abroad one or two semesters at one of the 38 partner universities.

Why study in the Nordic countries?

  • Education in the Nordic countries is of high quality
  • It is easy to transfer credits from studies completed at a Nordic university to your degree at your home university
  • .Exchange within the Nordic countries is green and sustainable
  • Language: learn how to speak and understand another Nordic language. It is easier than you think!
  • Studying in a Nordic country will expand your opportunities on the labour market as you will acquire competences in Nordic languages and culture
  • So alike, yet so different! Study your Nordic neighbours and find out more about similarities and differences

Who can apply?

  • Students whose subject is not part of another Nordplus network
  • Students who want to pursue interdisciplinary subjects
  • Students who want to study subjects not offered by their home university

How to apply

Check the website of your home university to find out more about Nordlys, and contact your international coordinator for information on the application process and deadlines.


Pictures from students who have been on exchange