Uniqe study opportunities in the Northern Countries!

With its 38 member universities Nordlys is one of the biggest networks within the Nordplus programme. The main goal for Nordlys is to enable and increase student mobility in the Northern Countries.

University in focus

Nordplus and Erasmus scholarship opportunities

The Nordlys network participates in two programmes, Nordplus and Erasmus+.
As an exchange student within Nordplus you can receive a scholarshops either from Erasmus+, or from Nordplus. Because the scholarships sum differs, the network will try to provide you with the best possible scholarship for your exchange. Your coordinator at your home university will inform you about the stipend you will receive.

What is Nordlys?

NORDLYS is an interdisciplinary network and forms part of NORDPLUS. It was founded in 1995 and currently has 38 members. The objective of the Nordlys network is to facilitate and strengthen the mobility of students within the Nordic countries.