University of Stockholm

Stockholm University in the capital of Sweden is characterized by its openness, innovation and collaboration. We offer courses within science and human science.

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Studying at Stockholm University makes a difference

Stockholm University is one of the 100 highest ranked universities in the world and Sweden’s largest institution for higher education with top quality education and outstanding research in a wide variety of fields.


Education and research profile

Stockholm University offers courses in English at both undergraduate and advanced level within science and human science. International students can choose between studying one or more free standing courses, that each may last between five weeks and one semester. For intermediate and advanced studies, however, you need to have completed studies in the relevant field to be able to follow the lectures.

The city

Stockholm is the capital of Sweden and the most prominent academic centre in Northern Europe. Amongst the 100,000 students who study at the city’s 18 universities and university colleges, more than 13,000 are international students and guest researchers.
Stockholm has a unique tradition of higher education and a wealth of possibilities offered by few other cities. It’s a city where preconceptions are challenged and innovations are born. Exchange students, master’s students, doctoral students and guest researchers come to Stockholm from all over the world.



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