University of Turku

The University of Turku is an international research university and an active academic community of nearly 24,000 students and employees. The University’s aim and ambition is to provide students with innovative problem solving skills and a high-standard, multidisciplinary education based on the latest research.

University of Turku / Hanna Oksanen
University of Turku / Hanna Oksanen

Educational Profile

As one of the leading universities in Finland, the University of Turku offers study and research opportunities in seven faculties and seven independent units – expertise ranging from humanities to natural sciences.
The over 130 discplines of the University offer you over 300 courses taught in English. Besides your own degree curriculum, you are able to take many optional courses and tailor your study plan to fulfill your personal interests and ambitions.

Research Profile

We profile our multidisciplinary and international research through six thematic collaborations. These interdisciplinary thematic collaborations are Biofuture, Digital futures, Cultural memory and Societal change, Children, Young people and Learning, Drug Development and Diagnostics, and Sea and Maritime studies.

City of Turku

Turku, located in the region of Southwest Finland, is one of Finland's biggest cities. The versatile livelihood structure, top class selection of education, culture, and services, as well as the beautiful archipelago, form a magnetic combination in Turku. In Turku there is everything, but still Turku is small enough that you can go almost everywhere by foot or bike.

  • 184 000 residents
  • over 310 000 inhabitants in the entire region
  • 20 000 enterprises with a total of 130 000 jobs
  • more than 100 nationalities in the area.

A great portion of Turku residents are students: every fourth person is either student or professional in higher education institute. There are two universities and four university of applied sciences in Turku. All campuses are located near city center.

  • 40 000 higher education students
  • over 4000 international degree students or exchange students every year

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