University of Tampere

Become a visionary. Understand the world. Change it. The mission of the University of Tampere shows its strong commitment to make an impact on society. With its six faculties and 15 000 degree students, UTA is the most popular multidisciplinary university in Finland.

Create a multy-disciplinary study experience at UTA: when accepted to one faculty, you can also select courses offered by other faculties. Foto: Jonne Renvall, UTA.

Education and research profile

The strongest fields of UTA in both research and education are connected to the various phenomena of society, health and welfare. Courses are open for exchange students in all fields of study except Medicine. Many faculties offer courses in English both at undergraduate and graduate level. For intermediate and advanced studies, however, you have to have completed studies in the field in question to be able to follow the lectures.

UTA coordinates three research centres of excellence selected by the Academy of Finland in the fields of history, game culture studies and biomedicine. UTA is also a partner in the centres of excellence in the fields of tumour genetics research, body-on-chip research, ageing and care, territorial politics and Russian studies.

The city

With its 200 000 inhabitants, Tampere is the largest inland city in the Nordic countries. It is a true student city: every sixth resident is a student. 8 000 events and festivals take place in Tampere each year. The city has frequently been voted the best Finnish city in terms of quality of life.


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