Karlstad University

Karlstad University’s ambition is to contribute to the development of knowledge at international, regional and individual levels. Thanks to our openness, creativity and multi-disciplinary approach, we have already attained a significant level of academic achievement. All our education and research is underpinned by a close dialogue with private companies and public organisations.

Karlstad University’s main entrance and library building. (Photo: Karlstad University)

Educational Profile

Karlstad University offers a modern and creative environment for approximately 16 000 students. The University also has a campus in Arvika, where the Ingesund School of Music with its 400 students is located. We develop study programmes that combine student preferences with job market demands. Today, we offer around 70 degree programmes and over 900 single-subject courses at Bachelor and Master levels. Karlstad University is known for providing high quality education in several professional areas, such as teacher training, business studies, engineering and nursing. In 2009 we established Karlstad Business School for education and research in business and economics, which attracts around 200 international students every year.

Research Profile

Our mandate as a university is to generate, nurture and disseminate new knowledge. We conduct research in strong traditional academic disciplines and in multidisciplinary fields on the basis of the needs of the community. This makes it cut across traditional disciplinary boundaries. As a further step to strengthen our research quality, we invited external experts to review our research environments. This resulted in two excellent research groups: the Service Research Centre CTF, and Computer Science, and five strong research groups: Geomedia, Culture Studies, Material Science, River Ecology and Group for Research On Subject-specific Education, ROSE. Prominent research is also pursued in a number of disciplines and areas, for example, gender studies, region building, public health and education studies.

City of Karlstad

The river Klarälven with city centre beaches, the many trees and parks, and the city sun symbol make Karlstad a clean, fresh and appealing city. In the summer, the boat service takes you around Karlstad for the cost of a bus ticket. From the city square bus station, there is a shuttle bus (no 1), which takes you to and from the university in ten minutes. Besides smaller shops, secondhand shops and cosy boutiques, there are three big malls in Karlstad with a variety of stores.

Av Maria Nilsson & Elin Ljunggren
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